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Tianma New Releases Made a Stunning Debut to the 2 World at SID 2018

Tianma News24 / 05 / 2018

The 2018 SID International Conference and Exhibition kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center the morning of May 22, local time. A world-leading event in the display industry. Tianma will showcase a variety of new display technologies and solutions designed for applications such as industrial, medical, smart home, and automotive. Multiple technology products will be exhibited  for the first time.

Smart Terminal Display Solution


As display and touch panel technologies have advanced and evolved full screens have come to replace many of the physical keys or buttons on devices with virtual keys on touch screens. Force Touch technology, which upgrades the touch screen interaction from 2D to 3D, has greatly improved display users’ interactive experience and expands the potential for application of the technology to even more display products.

Last year, Tianma launched its TED Plus LTPS TFT-LCD product using their integrated piezoresistive sensor , the first display manufacturer in the world to launch the technology and won broad attention in the industry. For Display Week 2018 Tianma releases a family of products incorporating their TED Plus technology  with integrated piezoresistive sensors, including: an LTPS TED Plus TFT-LCD, a rigid LTPS TED Plus TFT-LCD, a curved TED Plus OLED and a TED Plus flexible, bendable OLED display. This is the first time an integrated piezoresistive sensor has been incorporated in an OLED display which demonstrates Tianma’s expertise in developing integrated touch technology.

Flexible AMOLED

Flexible products are becoming very popular in display applications. Among the flexible products Tianma presents at Display Week 2018, is a  5.99" 18:9 bendable full screen display with an 0.85mm narrow border on the upper, left and right borders, aligned with a double COF design to feature a high screen-to-body ratio. The bend radius extends 5mm achieving a  bend angle ranging from 0 to180℃with a module thickness under 0.25 mm. The module’s FHD resolution of  2160×1080 pixels has a high 403 PPI. The flexibility of the display is also impact resistant making it possible to incorporate the AMOLED display in even more applications such as smart terminals like cell phones.


Another unique product among the items Tianma is showcasing this year is a display that incorporates a Mini LED technique, for the first time, to achieve  local dimming on a 6.46” HDR display with 500PPI. The luminance is 1,000 nits with a contrast ratio of  20000:1. The display has adopted the DCI-P3 RGB color and achieves 10-bit gray scale data input and output. The displays’s high brightness, high dynamic contrast ratio, color gamut enable the display to present an image as close as possible to the color and brightness experienced in the ”real” world. This TFT LCD is able to compete with OLED in performance, opening a new era of display.

Automotive display solutions

Tianma is the largest TFT automotive panel manufacturer in China. In 2017 Tianma’s share in global automotive display market was 12% (Source: IHS). Among the world’s cars with TFT instrument displays, one in every five would use Tianma product. Tianma is featuring low power consumption, LTPS, freeform and multi-screen linkage displays at this year’s Display Week Exhibition.

Multi-screen linkage; five-screen linkage in the cockpit

Visitors to Tianma’s booth 1005 at the LA Convention Center will see an eye-catching model car on display loaded with a 12.3” a-Si HD freeform touch screen that combines 3 screens attached in one panel, which integrates the instrument display, the center control display and the c-pilot display. In addition, the super high definition, multi-screen linkage and personalized content shown on the screen provide a rich user experience.

Local Dimming

The 12.3” automotive LCD display has applied Tianma’a latest local dimming technique, which makes the overall module thinner and can realize real-time local dimming in the background lighting. It greatly enhances the dynamic contrast while lowering the overall power consumption for the module. The image on the other hand, tends to be refined with high quality.

Industrial Display Solutions

In the industrial display section of Tianma’s booth ,  several touch screen products,  outdoor viewable and and highly reliability LCDs will be exhibited.

Visible Technology in Sunlight

The 10.1” product has a luminance of 1000 cd / m2 while the other 15.6” model has a luminance of 1250 cd / m2. The high luminance displays deliver bright, vivid colors and impressive wide viewing angles even in direct sunshine.. The 10.1” product  using Tianma’s proprietary Super Fine TFT (SFT) technology features viewing angles of 176° vertically and horizontally, wide color gamut, without color shift when viewed off-angle. The display also features a wide operating temperature range from -40 and +85°C and is resistant to shock and vibration up to 7.0G offering high stability and reliability for many environments.

The 1.2” reflective round display has an ultra-narrow border with a super thin 0.5mm round hole in the middle, which can be used in smart wearable devices. This display is exhibited as a  watch with pointers displayed representing a fine combination of technology and tradition as well as Tianma’s technical ability to innovate displays using Free Form technology.

Touch Feedback

Tianma is also demonstrating a new 10.4”prototype display featuring a proprietary tactile touch technology with two different stimulus sources, allowing for both friction and click sensations to be felt by the user. 

When users trace an image their fingers will sense a rough “texture” feeling. And when users press an image area,like a virtual button, they will sense a “click feeling” as if they are pressing a mechanical button. By combining these different touch feedback effects, Tianma offers a user interface with a higher level of functionality and a more realistic sensation than what is available in current touch systems.

Medical Display Solution

Display market for medical devices continues to grow and diversify and as telemedicine applications increase the  demand for higher screen quality and definition has also increased. As a stand-out brand in high-end medical display technology, Tianma offers multiple medical display products. 

Tianma has developed displays with factory installed capacitive touch screens that can be operated reliably in wet environments or when the operator is wearing gloves. The displays are typically light weight with wide viewing angles, high transparency and low reflectivity and provides PCAP integrated solutions for demanding medical and HMI navigation applications.

New Technology- Mini LED

Also featured this year is a 5.0“ pure circular super thin display with high definition, high dynamic contrast (mini LED + local dimming), touch control and touch feedback. This type of display can be applied to a powerful smart product with delicate exterior design requiring great display effects.

In addition to the aforementioned displays and technologies, Tianma is also showcasing many advanced display technology products with high color gamut, quantum dot, in-screen fingerprint sensor and privacy features. The new technology products further augment Tianma’s family of quality products designed for use in applications such as mobile smart terminals, automotive, industrial control, HMI, medical,  and navigation.. Tianma is also shipping large volumes of displays into emerging applications like smart wearable devices, smart home products and drones. Meanwhile in smart mobile terminal and automotive application, Tianma was able to achieve leaping progress and marched ahead, Tianma has also become a strategic supplier for many global leading manufacturers in the smart mobile terminal and automotive markets. Dedicated to our philosophy of continuous innovation, Tianma will remain at the forefront of the display industry.


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