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【SID US Open energetic patterns】you are just lack of a Tianma display to this vision world

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 Local time on May 24, the world's most influential event of display area --- Display Week 2016 USA (SID Display Week) in San Francisco Convention and Exhibition Center opened. As a world-renowned leader in the field of display business, Tianma Microelectronics Group joined first time with dual brand of NLT and TIANMA, bringing a congregation latest products and technologies. Among first global public appearance of TED Force Touch technology, 1.3-inch circular touch surface +12.3 inch curved car display, 14.1 inches 2K resolution automotive displays. In addition, this year the harvest in major exhibitions at home and abroad numerous acclaimed star products are also full debut, once again highlights the Tianma leading research and development capabilities and technical level.


Four leading technology and products worldwide public debut

Tianma is the first one to achieve Force Touch feature on IN-CELL panel, once again walk in the forefront of the industry.

Touch technology directly affects the intelligent terminal products of mobile consumer experience. Tianma continued to lead the embedded touch technology development, Tianma already showed first single-chip embedded touch technology products in last year's SID exhibition. The technology broke the tradition of phone display usually need display driver IC and touch driver IC. Then Tianma successfully go mass production with technology as first one in the world. And in 2016 SID, Tianma has brought a remarkable new technology --- TED Force Touch. The technology can be implemented on IN-CELL Force Touch panel function, in addition to the integrated display, touch function, pressure sensing will be integrated into a single chip so that the device can sense the intensity of light pressure and weight, and tone corresponding to a different function. This year's SID, Tianma’s TED Force Touch technology once again walk in the forefront of the industry.



Larger size, circular, touch, multi-screen interaction, high PPI , curve ...... Soon, these screens will appear on your car
Tianma debuts three new size worldwide, greatly enriched the driving experience of people's imagination.
12.3 inches integrated large size, touch function, and also full curved display. All material including TFT-LCD, backlight, and touch screen are all curved design, combined with full optical bonding process, to achieve a true full-curved technology. Introduction of this product will undoubtedly give car manufacturers to provide more space for the possibility of use, aesthetic design and other aspects.
In addition to wide viewing angle (SFT), high contrast, wide color gamut and high reliability features, but the product also with a super-sensitive whole fingers, water and gloves touch function, providing customers with high quality and comfortable driving experience.


1.3 inch round +12.3 inch automotive display interaction


14.1 inch 2K automotive display: resolution 2560×1440, 208PPI

Bendable, foldable – Tianma flexible AMOLED display brings viewers incredible screaming
The 5.46-inch AM-OLED flexible screen having a bend, the ultra-thin, unti-cracking and excellent optical performance, it can be realized at 20mm radius of curvature effect, the technology is currently in the industry-leading level.
The curved display terminal products, wearable device, scalable display new equipment and other fields have broad market prospects, accessed to the "CITE2016 innovative products and Application Award." in the China Electronic Information Expo. 



10.4” 8k4k LTPS display---The world’s highest PPI, still no one else can reach.

With a physical resolution of 7680x4320 pixel, accuracy of up to 847PPI, it’s the world’s highest PPI flat panel display. 8K resolution was first used in small size by Tianma,Its pixel arrangement equivalent to a 80 inches 8K TV screen pixels are concentrated ona 10.4-inch tablet screen, high-definition of pixels can be imagined.


The world's highest PPI record, of course, brought many honors to Tianma. Recently, the product went on to win by SEMI and SID jointly issued "GoldenDisplay Awards 2016 Outstanding Product Award" and by the China Electronic Information Expo Organizing Committee awarded the "CITE2016 innovative products and applications Gold Award", 

The screen can not only be square, Tianmafree-form cuttingmakes your vision more "round" full
Contour cutting difficulty lies from TFT to the backlight structure design, alignment design, cutting of round products is more difficult. Tianma successfully tackled contour cutting design difficulties, with an accuracy of 0.1mm cutting accuracy and come with smooth product appearance. Tianma showed two circular display in SID, they are 1.3 inches with On-Cell Technology and 4 inches with high resolution, the product can be widely used in smart home products and wearable art.


10.4inch Tactile touch

The user can drag your finger on the display surface, and feel different display content on the same screen at the same time.


Wet/Glove PCAP Solution

Capacitive touch solutions and integrated optical bonding solutions designed for gloved operators, with thin, wide viewing angle, high transmittance, low reflectance, water, etc., used in medical, HMI, marine and other market segment which works in harsh environmental.


Medical/industrial –Eye catching

18.5 inches full HD color display with wide viewing angle SFT, high color gamut, high-resolution characteristics, mainly for high-end operating room patient monitors, main display of ultrasound, endoscopy, and other dynamic DR


6.2 inch SOM

Display integrated with driver system (System on module), configure the Linux operating system, the internal integration of UI, including WIFI module, enabling mobile remote control and according to different customer applications to achieve custom design, to provide customers with integrated solutions. The products are mainly used in smart home, industrial control and white goods.

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